PSFK’s Gift Guide: Top Items For Personal Tracking

PSFK’s Gift Guide: Top Items For Personal Tracking

Help your friend off to a healthy new year with these gifts that quantify daily habits.

  • 27 december 2013

Whether it’s part of a New Year’s fitness resolution or an ongoing commitment to better health, the biometric devices that are becoming more readily available every year are the perfect companion for your gift recipient. Many of the items track statistics toward a particular goal: an increased sense of calm, for example, or a certain number of calories burned in an hour of exercise. There’s a wearable item for every time of personality.

shine misfit wearables

The Misfit Shine is a particularly attractive-looking device because it doesn’t need a screen: it syncs to your mobile phone, and all you have to do is place it on the phone’s surface. The accelerometer tracks your motions, which is perfect for quantifying the intangible benefits of a nice, long walk. If your friends or loved ones are concerned about their running technique, Sensoria Fitness socks are a cutting-edge piece of technology that can determine how they distribute weight on their feet and suggest safer running styles.


There are plenty of places outside the home where your friend could use some technology to improve their habits, too. If getting in the car with your friend behind the wheel is a bit of a harrowing experience, the Automatic is a tiny device that plugs into practically any car and tracks driving habits both good and bad. And one day, the Stir kinetic desk might change the typical workplace for the better by encouraging standing and posture changes. For now, your friend can have it for themselves.

Check out more of our favorite Quantified Self gifts here, and be sure to explore PSFK’s Gift Guide for more ideas.

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