Gingerbread Homes Mimic World-Famous Art Museums [Pics]

Gingerbread Homes Mimic World-Famous Art Museums [Pics]
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Food artists create a towering version of The Louvre that tastes as good as it looks.

Ross Brooks
  • 2 december 2013

Caitlin Levin and Henry Hargreaves, previously known for their recreation of the Rothko paintings, have turned their attention to some of the world’s most famous art museums and galleries. The only difference is that their interpretation involves a lot more gingerbread and candy, which results in structures that are as equally tasty as they are imposing.


Hard candy windows form the iconic pyramid extension at the Louvre, while icing and gingerbread form the smooth curves of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Some of the pieces feature such attention to detail that once photographed in black and white, it’s hard to tell if you’re looking at the real thing or not.

The edible pieces of architecture were completed for display at Dylan’s Candy Bar during Art Basel Miami.

Caitlin Levin / Henry Hargreaves

Source, Images: Colossal

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