Translucent Walls Turn House Into A Glowing Bubble [Pics]

Translucent Walls Turn House Into A Glowing Bubble [Pics]
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A three-story house allows light to permeate the interior while maintaining privacy for residents.

Serena Chu
  • 6 december 2013

Japanese architects of Suppose Design Office used nothing but translucent polycarbonate sheets to construct a house that is flooded with natural light. If blending in nature is not enough, the House of Tousuien also features a specific area that allows the homeowners to store and repair a respectable collection of  motorcycles. This three-storey architectural beauty was designed to be a fitting abode for a family of five.


In a bustling city like Hiroshima, privacy is of the utmost importance. To make sure the residents find comfort in the urban setting, the architects added translucent cladding to allow light to permeate the interior without exposing what is going on behind the walls. If you were to look from the inside of the house, the surrounding neighborhood is like a frosty illusion of color and oddly shaped objects.

It wouldn’t be a complete home without a state-of-the-art kitchen to complement. The studio strategically grouped the kitchen, dining room and living room on the first floor, which serves as the epicenter of family time and entertainment. The master bedroom and children’s room can be found on the upper levels. Check out the images below that capture the elegance of this residential masterpiece.

Suppose Design Office

Source, Images: Dezeen


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