What The Executive C.D. Of Google Chrome Labs Wishes He’d Invented

What The Executive C.D. Of Google Chrome Labs Wishes He’d Invented
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The Hue Connected Lighting series shows an underdeveloped aspect of the home as a place for potential growth.

  • 31 december 2013

This article “I wish I’d done that – Hue Connected Lighting” was originally published on D & AD, and republished with kind permission.

We asked the world’s most potent creatives what they’d seen in 2013 that made them think ‘I wish I’d done that’?

To discuss digital, we spoke to Iain Tait, Executive Creative Director at Google Chrome Labs. Here’s what he chose as his stand-out digital innovation of 2013.

To find out more about Hue, we spoke to Filip Jan Depauw, Senior Director, Connected Lighting, Philips.

When you launched the Hue did you expect such a positive response?

During development, we conducted multiple home placement tests across the globe (e.g. New York, Berlin, Shanghai) to touch base with our target audiences. These already indicated that we had a potential winner.

The opinion leaders were also all excited and confirmed that hue was and is super relevant and a super digital innovation.

Connected Lighting is predicted to be an area of huge growth. Do you feel you’re ahead of the curve?

We made a couple of very conscious decisions in our development process that have given us serious traction. Our decision to make our system open so that others can contribute to our ecosystem and so that the functionality of our system increases has proven to be the right choice.

The fact that we also made our system future upgradable and that we can inject new functionalities, like with Geofencing and IFTTT, is another strategic cornerstone which contributes to the adoption rate.

The ease of installation, the personalisation and the possibilities to share with other users mean that we are recognised as the thought and market leaders of connected lighting.


How important is Connected Lighting (and connected products in general) to Philips’ future?

‘Innovation for you’ is the Philips brand promise. Connected lighting is a great example of what that means in real life: we deliver systems and products that make consumers’ lives better, easier and happier.

The opportunities of digitalisation are enormous and offer us great potential for future relevant consumer propositions. Connectivity already now spreads across multiple product categories.

Our cooperation with Philips Ambilight TVs and their possibility to fully immerse your environment with the TV content you are watching is just one example. More internal and external partnerships are in the pipeline.

Tell us about your relationship with IFTTT, and how the wealth of third party apps adds to the Hue experience.

Our partnership with IFTTT and our developer program allow us to partner with the talent of the wider community. We consciously share our SDK and API with the community and have a team to support and assist with their questions.

Enabling the developer community to realise their dreams and ideas has resulted in over 50 third party apps for hue that all offer added value for consumers. Some of these are specific (e.g. the ones for photographers, astrologists, etc), others are just fun and a vast majority have found a broad adoption.

Both IFTTT and the range of apps allowing consumers to customise and do amazing things with light and have helped change the way people interact with and think of lighting.


Tell us about the branded Disney pack. Is franchising model like this something you see a future in?

We know that light can help enhance people’s mood, help people wake more naturally, concentrate and perform better, or simply feel happier.

Partnerships with other leading brands offer a benefit towards our consumers. The partnership between Philips and Disney combines Philips innovation with the magic of Disney, harnessing the power of light in magical ways that make a child’s bedroom a more imaginative place.

What is the future for connected products, and how do Philips fit in?

Interoperability amongst different products is high upon our agenda. Our ecosystem is built to expand and to partner with other propositions which make sense. The internet of things is not one company making great products but multiple companies working more openly.

How far can connected lighting develop? And what are the limitations on it?

The sky is the limit, we really think lighting is an under-appreciated part of the home. Once you experience what it can do it there is no limit to its use cases. With the digital revolution there is so much more to lighting than most people would realize.


What is Philips approach to innovation?

Very simple, innovation has to be relevant to its user. And any development should start with the basic question ‘Why would you’? Connected lighting does just that: providing “Innovation for you”.

What other areas of life can we expect to see an increase in connectivity in?

The domains of entertainment, soft security, energy management, personal health and wellbeing will surely evolve and benefit from connectivity. We are working on solutions with and beyond lighting to make these domains even more attractive, interesting and personal.

Is software becoming increasingly important for companies traditionally associated with hardware?

The combination of soft and hardware will indeed be an important enabler to deliver new propositions to the market. The possibilities of software will enhance the experience of the hardware, and it will allow real personalisation. Getting the blend right is key to being able to offer products that deliver the desired experience.

And finally, are there any products from this year that made you think ‘I wish I’d done that’?

Nest Protect – in terms of reinventing a product and making it desirable and engaging. And in general, products that have an element of surprise and fun.

If you’ve developed a great example of a Connected Product you can enter it in the D&AD Awards 2014.

This article “I wish I’d done that – Hue Connected Lighting” was originally published on D & AD, and republished with kind permission.

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