Short Film Shot Entirely With Google Glass [Video]

Short Film Shot Entirely With Google Glass [Video]

An animated stop-motion film harnesses the power of Glass’ first-person perspective for a unique viewing experience.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 11 december 2013

Google Glass has received mixed reviews since its introduction, with part of the criticism resulting from a lack of clear, practical use. At the very least, there is now a very cool use.

Catch is a roughly 3-minute stop-motion film that uses the advantages of Google Glass to show a film’s action from the wearer’s perspective. Revolving around a “surreal moment on a lazy Sunday morning,” the partially animated film was shot over four days entirely on Google Glass, with over 1,000 photos and drawings.

Captivating and intriguing from start to finish, Catch certainly succeeds at showing off the device’s filmmaking capabilities.

The film was made by a group of animators and filmmakers that included TU Uthaisri, Nam Daon, Freddy Arenas, and Isam Prado. Lisa Steiman and Izabella Tzenkova handled production on the film, and the music is from Jeremy Turner.


Sources, images: YouTube

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