Google+ Offers Real-Time Suggestions For Better Video Chatting Manners [Video]

Google+ Offers Real-Time Suggestions For Better Video Chatting Manners [Video]

Get more out of your conversation with the help of this facial recognition app.

Serena Chu
  • 18 december 2013

Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonald recently introduced a Google Hangout app that uses facial recognition and speech analysis algorithms to enhance virtual conversations. The app is named Us+, and will call out anyone who might be taking the conversation in an insincere direction. Unafraid to hurt your feelings, Us+ will tell you to “stop talking about yourself so much” and automute you if you don’t take its advice the first time around.


You can try, but it will be hard to fake emotions in front of this app. Us+ can pick up on signs of self-absorption, honesty, and negativity, and will display your moods in a bar graph, which changes depending on the flow of the conversation.

If you have Google Hangouts downloaded on your computer, why not give Us+ a try. Below is a video showing how the app can guide a dialogue.


Source: Lauren McCarthy

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