Jewelry Doubles As A Hearing Aid For Inconspicuous Help

Jewelry Doubles As A Hearing Aid For Inconspicuous Help

An inconspicuous hearing aid design that can be fashionable and practical.

Serena Chu
  • 10 december 2013

With the help of her NYU professor Eric Rosenthal, designer Michelle Temple developed a directional microphone that could pass for an accessory, but doubles as a hearing aid. The W EAR is intricately designed so that any user can improve their hearing without drawing unnecessary attention to themselves and the stigma of being audio impaired.

B WEAR Crown Heights

A bucket of prototypes later, Temple mastered the technique of surface mounting and started to build circuit broads that are much smaller and much lighter. Not only that, but this new technology could lower the cost of hearing aids to less than $200.

After dedicating two years to the project, Temple and Rosenthal are now ready to introduce the project to Kickstarter and find financial supporters. The device has been given to a handful of people with hearing disabilities and has garnered nothing but positive feedback.

w wear 2

Check out the video below to see the directional mic in action.

Source, Image: Technical

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