Heathrow Offers Safe Haven For E-Cigarette Smokers

Heathrow Offers Safe Haven For E-Cigarette Smokers

A new e-cigarette lounge gives smokers more privileges in the airport.

Serena Chu
  • 3 december 2013

London’s Heathrow airport gave electronic cigarette manufacturer Gamucci the green light to establish a “vaping zone” for traveling smokers. It is the airport’s first indoor smoking area. People lounging around Terminal 4 can now shop around the Gamucci e-cigarette store for a vaper of their own. The speciality store is mixed in with other duty-free retailers.

From a survey conducted by Skyscanner, a global travel search site, it is interesting to find that 57 percent of people would not object to other airports adopting similar venues. The increase in e-cigarette usage might be a reason why more people are okay with the idea of indoor smoking. However, e-cigarettes are still subject to the same restrictions as standard cigarettes, which means smokers cannot roam around the airport with an e-cigarette in hand, except in designated areas.

Source, Image: Telegraph

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