Hermes Boutique Recreates A Bloody, Murderous Scene [Pics]

Hermes Boutique Recreates A Bloody, Murderous Scene [Pics]

Studio Toogood redesigned the brand's flagship store in London to resemble a meatpacking facility.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 3 december 2013

Designers Studio Toogood has transformed the entire ground floor of the London flagship store of French fashion house Hermès into an installation that resembled a meatpacking facility.

The installation was created for the fashion house’s Petit h project, which reinvents defective stocks and factory leftovers into new creations.


Studio Toogood used red as the primary color in the installation and painted shelves and parts of the floor in blood red. The studio installed meat hooks on the wall to hang the shop’s pieces. They used glossy leather and resin to create the effect of dripping blood on the display items. Grey knives and other trade equipment were placed on a wall, above metal counters.

Even the staff were given red aprons, gloves, and hats to match the overall look and aesthetic of the installation. The staff’s uniforms were made from discarded Hermès scarves and leather items.

According to the designers the concept for the installation was inspired by the craftmanship of the Petit h products.

The installation is on display until December 7th.


View more images in the gallery below.


Hermès // Studio Toogood

Source, images: Dezeen

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