12 Things You Need to Know Today

12 Things You Need to Know Today

UPS is competing with Amazon with delivery drones, monetizing TV reruns with ads, and more.

Rachel Pincus
  • 4 december 2013

Are Bitcoins more like 17th century Dutch tulips or a usable currency? BusinessWeek

“Moonshot ideas” retain the most creative employees. The Telegraph

H&M and Uniqlo logos: coming soon to a tennis kit near you. Quartz

Cyber Monday sales were also boosted 20%, mostly thanks to mobile sales. Mashable

UPS wants to get in on that whole delivery-drones game. übergizmo

A new computer virus can transmit secret data as high-frequency sound waves. The Telegraph

Sponsored trending blogs are coming to your Tumblr newsfeed. CNet

Facebook has tweaked its newsfeed to get more, well, newsy. AdAge

Andre Leon Talley is bringing couture, and cachet, to Zappos. Fashionista

Comcast is attempting to monetize binge-TV watching. Reuters

Spotify predicts new artists’ future royalties in a bid to get them on streaming. Engadget

Apple has bought the social media analytics firm Topsy for some reason. New York Times

Image: Joel Ryan/AP Photo for Invision

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