Homeless Man’s App Strives To Save The Environment Through Carpooling [Video]

Homeless Man’s App Strives To Save The Environment Through Carpooling [Video]

Leo Brands puts his newly-learned coding skills to good use.

Ross Brooks
  • 11 december 2013

Leo Grand is homeless, and faced with the choice between $100 or eight weeks of coding lessons, chose to try and develop himself in a way that would go a lot further than a cash handout. He has since launched his first app, called Trees for Cars, which aims to try and save the environment by helping people carpool to their destinations.

Grand programmed the entire thing himself from the streets of Manhattan with a grand total of 16 weeks of coding lessons. The app provides information on how much CO2 the user is saving with each ride to encourage environmental awareness, and also creates healthy competition amongst users to try and save the most CO2.


“Trees for Cars is a great way to build relationships, strengthen communities, help each-other financially and energy wise, all under the umbrella of saving the environment,” Grand said in an official statement about the app.

All of the money the developers receive from this app goes to Grand, who will use it to help him further his programming education. You can hear grand talk about the app and his vision in the video below:

Trees for Cars

Source: BusinessInsider

Images: Trees for Cars

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