Human Ashes Converted Into Priceless Diamonds

Human Ashes Converted Into Priceless Diamonds
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Algordanza is a company that lets people preserve the memory of their deceased loved ones in a new way.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 6 december 2013

Most people either keep the cremated human ashes of their loved ones in an urn or scatter them at a special place. Swiss enterprise Algordanza has a different option for preserving the memory of deceased loved ones — by turning their ashes into diamonds.

Diamonds are formed when, under extreme pressures and high temperatures, carbon atoms adhere to each other and form crystals. Algordanza replicates this process with the human ashes.


The human body is about 18% carbon and when a body is cremated some of the carbon is left among the ashes. Algordanza creates a “Memorial Diamond” from the ashes by first removing the non-carbon elements until only raw organic carbon with traces of boron is left. The organic carbon is converted to graphite, which is then placed in a diamond press with starter crystals. The graphite and the crystals are subjected to extremely high heat and pressure. A rough diamond results from this process and it is cut down to the desired shape and then polished. The resulting memorial diamond tends to have a bluish tint because of the levels of boron.

An adult human body normally produces about 2 kg of ashes when cremated, and the company needs at least 500g of ashes to create a memorial diamond. Orders for a memorial diamond take at least three months to complete.

Algordanza was founded in 2004 and is present in 17 countries including the USA and Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and more.


Source: BusinessInsider

Images: Algordanza

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