Ad Agency Harnesses Kids’ Creative Potential

Ad Agency Harnesses Kids’ Creative Potential

Leo Burnett took some firsthand advice on thinking like a kid in a new campaign for the World Wildlife Fund.

Rachel Pincus
  • 23 december 2013

Some creatives spend a lifetime trying to relearn how to think from a child’s unique perspective. In advertising agency Leo Burnett’s view, kids, with their natural curiosity and original ideas, have everything it takes to create great ads. The agency decided to prove this by inviting a group of Italian schoolchildren in Milan to consult with them creatively on every step of their process as they developed a print, radio and TV campaign for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). A group of photographers, illustrators, film directors, animators, post-producers and speakers helped realize their ideas.

According to the website that showcases the project, called Pets4Pets, the rules were simple: “never contaminate the kids’ ideas’, just offer them the production advice they lack.” The site also includes comparisons with the children’s original drawings to show how close many of the original drawings were to the final execution. The result is a fresh creative voice communicating about wildlife conservation, a topic near and dear to many kids’ hearts. From this amazing (and cute) final TV spot, which takes the concept of the ‘golden rule’ to habitat preservation, it’s clear that the kids and the creatives had a lot of fun. Hopefully they learned a bit about how advertising works, too.


Source: POPSOP

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