Mobile App Mails Physical Letters

Mobile App Mails Physical Letters

The Mr Postman app helps younger generations bridge the communication gap with parents and grandparents.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 4 december 2013

While emails and texting have come to dominate the digital communication landscape, there’s still nothing quite like receiving good old-fashioned snail-mail.

In the U.K., the Mr Postman mobile application is working to combine the two.

Mr Postman is an iOS app that allows users to write letters with a smartphone or iPad, and then prints out physical paper letters that are mailed through the U.K. postal system. The app and service remove the hassle of going to the post office or local mailbox while still providing the benefits of tangible mail. You can even use your finger to create a personal signature on a touchscreen.

The service, which allows users to send mail either first or second class to addresses restricted to the U.K., sends the letters straight through the app for 98p-£1.40 – paid instantly with PayPal.


Mr Postman screenshot

The Mr Postman app was invented by Propeller Mobile to help young people and others accustomed to a digital lifestyle bridge the gap in communication methods with parents and grandparents. Features of the app include: easy-to-use templates (business letters, official complaints, even letters to Santa Claus), alerts when your letter enters the postal system, stored copies of previous letters, and an easy-fill address book.

Mr Postman is free through the iTunes App store, but is only serviceable in the U.K.

Mr. Postman

Sources: The Telegraph

Images: Mr. Postman

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