Meditative Installation Comes To A Halt If Any Phone Rings [Video]

Meditative Installation Comes To A Halt If Any Phone Rings [Video]
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Audiovisual immersion challenges people to sit still for a few minutes

Ross Brooks
  • 3 december 2013

Getting distracted by your phone is a common first-world problem that means people often struggle to focus on anything for longer than a few minutes at a time. To challenge this behaviour, artistic collective Tundra created the Void, a 360-degree audiovisual installation that simply stops working if your phone rings.

The immersive video project has you enter an empty room equipped with surround sound that envelopes you in a panoramic projection. It’s supposed to simulate the Big Bang, and gives the impression of floating through space at some points. The catch is that the room is covered with sensors that know when you’re moving too much, or if your mobile device goes off. When that happens, the room projection cuts to black, and waits until you’re back to a rested position to restart.

For those who feel like they always need to be on the move, or keep an eye out for the latest email, alert, or phone call, the exhibit could be a great way to prove that sometimes it’s ok to just do, well, nothing.


Source: Gizmodo


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