Online Store Accepts Talent As Payment

Online Store Accepts Talent As Payment

The Merit Shop allows patrons to purchase products with uploaded performances.

Kristen Nozell
  • 19 december 2013

The Merit Shop is a newly launched endeavor by San Francisco-based creatives Daniel Soares and Pedro Sampaio, which accepts payment for the objects in the shop in the form of video submissions showing a particular talent. Soares explained, ‘We live in San Francisco, where there is a huge disparity in incomes. It’s almost as if the city is divided in two: people with money and people without. That was our thought starter, even though it is intended for all people.’

The two designers had the idea just two weeks ago and created the ecommerce site, which launched December 17th, along with a video showing people’s reactions when they ran around the streets of San Francisco offering items to people in exchange for their talent. The online store currently has several products available, ranging from an iPod, to a football, to a kilo of rice.

In order to purchase an item, users must record themselves ‘doing something awesome’ on Youtube or Instagram and upload the link in the shop site. The founders will then check the content for originality and email a confirmation. The products are limited and are sent on a first-come, first-served basis.

When asked about the financial sustainability of an ecommerce site built on non-monetary payments, the founders responded that ‘It’s not about money. For us this is a project to see what happens. To make some good in this world.’ The duo plans to film in other cities to see how others react, and are hoping that brands will donate more products to the shop. Interested companies can get more information here.

The Merit Shop

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