Kitschy Condoms Help Parents Break The Ice [Pics]

Kitschy Condoms Help Parents Break The Ice [Pics]

Momdoms come in mint tins with a 1950's mother and phrase on the label.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 20 december 2013

Created by staff at ad agency KBS+, Momdoms is a new brand of condoms that come in mint tins covered with images of mother from the 1950’s and labeled with mom phrases like “Don’t make me come in there!” and “Honey you don’t know where that’s been!”

The condoms even have gay-themed and holiday-themed tins with phrases such as “Merry Christmas! Hope it fits!” and “Even Santa wears his rubbers!” Buyers also have the option of personalizing the tins by adding a photo of their choice.



In a post on Co.Create, Momdoms co-founder Wayne Simpkins said that they chose phrases that mothers typically say during the holidays and turned them into something fun and naughty.

The new brand adds a touch of humor to selling safe sex and also gives parents a great tool to kick off that first sex conversation with their kids.


Source: Co.Create

Images: Momdoms

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