Fake Hands Let Runners High-Five Their Friends Online [Pics]

Fake Hands Let Runners High-Five Their Friends Online [Pics]

Nike and LiveAD created Hi-5 To Share that lets race participants share their status during the run.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 4 december 2013

Sportswear brand Nike worked with digital agency LiveAD for the “Hi-5 To Share” project during Nike’s Rio Corre 10K race in Rio de Janeiro last November 24th.

While they ran the race, over 5,000 runners were able to share their running status on their social networks by wearing a special glove with a chip called the High Band Hi5 and “high-fiving” sensor hands that were strategically positioned along the race route.


The idea was inspired by athletes motivating each other and getting motivated by exchanging high-fives with friends or the crowd.

LiveAD VP for creation and planning Mauro Silva said,

We have searched for a technological solution to mirror this human behavior which resulted in the creation of the Hi-5: an equipment which allows runners to send messages to their friends that are not running. It was exciting to see how intense the runners’ interaction with the Hi-5 became during the run.


The runners were able to share their status three times: before, during, and then after their run. Before the race, the runners shared a message informing their friends that they were running in the race. At the second sharing point, which was 500 meters from the end of the race, the runners had the option of going through the ‘excited’ passageway or the ‘tired’ passageway. At the end of the race, runners shared a message that told their friends they completed the race.

The campaign not only generated a positive impact on the runners, but it also helped generate 3 million feeds on Facebook.



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