Fitness-Tracking Shirt Lowers Barriers To The Quantified Self

Fitness-Tracking Shirt Lowers Barriers To The Quantified Self

OMsignal gives wearers a way to unobtrusively monitor vitals throughout the day.

Ross Brooks
  • 20 december 2013

We’ve already seen workout clothing that acts like a personal trainer, but now there is an item of clothing that measures your vital signs throughout the entire day. Stephane Marceau, founder of the Montreal-based OMSignal, has created a t-shirt embedded with silver thread that can measure your heart rate, breathing, electrocardiogram readings, steps taken, and how many calories you’ve burnt. All of this is then sent to a removable unit that contains a battery, a chipset and a bluetooth chip, which in turn transmits data to your smartphone.


Marceau wants to target three groups with his t-shirt: Sportsmen and women who want to track their performance, people with chronic health problems who want to monitor their bodies, and the people who are interested in their personal data as an end in itself. The first step is for the company to make the product look good, as Marceau put it: “If it doesn’t make you make feel good, you won’t wear it.” He plans to do this with is secret weapon, Ying Gao, a Canadian designer with a background in mixing technology and fashion.

The company has so far raised $1.2 million in funding, and plans to make its t-shirts available early in the new year. There is no final price as of yet, but it’s expected to be around the $150 mark, with additional t-shirts available for less than $100.


Source: Quartz | Images: OMSignal

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