Children’s Book Unfolds Like Origami [Video]

Children’s Book Unfolds Like Origami [Video]
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A storybook with no words, only creases and pictures.

Serena Chu
  • 19 december 2013

Unlike illustration books we find on bookshelves today, The Adventures of a Village moves the plot along by having readers unfold certain corners of the narrative origami. It might look like a flat poster with snow-capped buildings and intersecting train tracks, but upon closer inspection, you will find a labyrinth of creases that can be flipped and flopped to change the illustration.


Hidden behind the triangular “pages” are floating UFOs and a black-and-white hot air balloon. The book lets readers explore their own imaginations and wit to create an elaborate storyline.

The video below lets you follow along the picture-perfect journey, enjoy!

The Adventures of a Village

Source: Gizmodo


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