Pantene Ad Targets Sexist Double Standards In The Workplace [Video]

Pantene Ad Targets Sexist Double Standards In The Workplace [Video]

Aired in the Philippines, the minute-long television spot fights for equality by contrasting stereotypes.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 17 december 2013

Not a single hair flip – until the very end.

In the entirety of its 60-second play, the “#WhipIt” spot for Pantene Philippines doesn’t feature a single hair product. Instead, Pantene and BBDO Guerrero used their newest ad to encourage women to “stand strong [and] shine” in a more general sense.

The clip highlights double standards faced by men and women at work, with the intent of ending unfair labels given to women. Using a series of comparisons for which men and women are often labeled, the spot contrasts how they are perceived. For men, it’s good to be a “boss,” but a woman acting in a similar fashion would be classified as “bossy.” Men are seen as “persuasive,” women are “pushy.” “Dedicated” versus “selfish.” “Neat” as opposed to “vain.” And “smooth” rather than a “show-off.”

While the spot’s description suggests “70% of men think that women need to downplay their personality to be accepted,” Pantene sends a clear message of support for women: Don’t let labels hold you back.

Pantene // BBDO Guerrero

Sources: Time

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