Open-Source Schematic Lets Users Build A Functioning Paper Speaker [Pics]

Open-Source Schematic Lets Users Build A Functioning Paper Speaker [Pics]
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The elegant work of this French product designer allows you to build your very own paper speaker.

Rachel Pincus
  • 13 december 2013

The DIY movement is extending to electronic items in ways that are both functional and educational. However, despite their partially assembled state, many of the kits for these items are sold at a significant markup (we’re looking at you, Lomo), sometimes making them more expensive than basic versions of the devices they’re meant to replicate. French product designer Coralie Gourguechon, however, is a big believer in open-source electronics, as her openly available schematics for her Arduino Craft Camera demonstrate. Her newest project, “Planche Anatomique de Haut-Parleur” or “electronic paper speakers,” takes this ethos to a project that fairly effectively explains a wide variety of electronics.

The placement of silkscreened marks on the paper indicate where to place wires and 9-Volt and where to cut out components like the amplifying paper cone. (Interestingly, many tweeter cones in pre-assembled speakers are made out of paper as it is). In an awesomely simple bit of functionality, folding the paper cone up closes the circuit and switches it on, while folding it down switches it off. Her motives are clearly more pedagogical than capitalistic; she even refers to the board as an “anatomical model” of an electronic device’s workings. She also piggybacks on other recent breakthroughs in popular electronics; mounting components, for example is done with conductive adhesive and tracks are made with a conductive pen.

It’s unclear when she will release the full schematics, but we can’t wait to build this speaker.

Coralie Gourguechon

Source: Creative Applications Network

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