Paper Cutout Faces Reconnect City-Dwellers To The Nature Around Them [Pics]

Paper Cutout Faces Reconnect City-Dwellers To The Nature Around Them [Pics]
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A Dutch design studio wants to bring a smile to people's faces with the help of nature.

Rachel Pincus
  • 6 december 2013

Though urban lifestyles have come to be lauded for their physical health and environmental benefits, the Netherlands, one of the countries that started many of today’s urban trends, might be suffering from too much of a good thing. “An article in de Volkskrant stated that today’s city people are just as sensitive and irritable as a stressed out test-animal,” wrote the Dutch designers at Studio Inherent. Their idea: art objects that are a constant reminder, even in a bleakly modern Rotterdam apartment, that nature exists all around you if you know where to look.

Happy Faces are 10 unique sculptural infographics of Rotterdam’s landmark trees. Each wall-mountable face is crafted of paperboard and wood, and its colors and shapes codify facts about a specific tree. The significance of your specific design can be found in an included booklet. They include growth and development, measurements of various parts of the tree (including the leaves), and most importantly, its location. One of the designers’ most important goals is to encourage people to find and visit the tree themselves with their improved awareness. All proceeds from the sale price of each face are also donated to the national tree foundation. And above all, they are interested in helping people find serenity by reclaiming their environment. That’s why all the patterns in each Happy Face come together to form a smile. Check them all out below.

Studio Inherent

Source, Photos: Behance page

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