Paris Metro Train Covertly Covered In Gift Wrap [Pics]

Paris Metro Train Covertly Covered In Gift Wrap [Pics]
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A creative agency briefly gave a Metro train a festive identity.

Rachel Pincus
  • 30 december 2013

At 6:15 on Friday morning, the members of a creative agency called Sisaprod quietly entered the Paris Metro. They were ready to surprise the groggiest of commuters, those who were on the train by that time, with a sorely-needed dose of holiday cheer. Their only tools were a roll of metallic fuschia wrapping paper and some tape, and they proceeded to cover every surface on the inside of a Line 8 train with it. Commuters quickly realized the photo opportunity and began snapping pictures with their smartphones, which was part of their goal. The project’s goal was simply “to enjoy ourselves and to give other people pleasure,” according to Sisaprod head Clea Polar. They ended up getting that and more. Members involved in the project told iTele that their phones were ringing off the hook and they were enjoying lots of visits from local news stations.


The resulting social media storm caused the project to far outlive its physical reincarnation. Paris Metro authorities didn’t love the endeavor quite as much as Sisaprod or the passengers did. As soon as they realized what had happened, they took the train out of service and stripped the interior back to its original state. They hope to make peace with Metro officials in the future. “If RATP [Paris’ metro authority] want to do a project with us, then we could decorate an entire train,” said Polar. Experience some of the magic in the photos below.


Sources: The Atlantic CitiesiTele

Photos: Clea Polar and Gabriel Defrocourt

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