Parsons Tasks Students To Improve The Museum Experience For The Disabled

Parsons Tasks Students To Improve The Museum Experience For The Disabled
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Art students use their talents to benefit people with disabilities.

Serena Chu
  • 16 december 2013

Parsons teamed with the Metropolitan Museum of Art to increase accessibility in the museum for people with disabilities. The students, under the supervision of the Design and Technology master program and education specialists at the Met, made various digital and physical improvements to the museum’s pre-existing resources.

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“Choose Your Own Map” is one of the many design projects that will make an appearance at the Met this month. The map application will help people navigate their way around the museum’s galleries without any additional assistance. To get from one exhibit to the next, patrons can input what they would like to see and the app will automatically create a custom map with step-by-step directions.


If that isn’t enough, another group of students modified a pair of eyeglass-frames with sensors that track the movements of the eye. The device can precisely pinpoint what the wearer sees. The students see “Eye on Art” as an unique way to examine the habits of those visitors with cognitive disabilities, and believes the collected data will be beneficial for advancements in scientific research.

Other projects include a new Met website layout and a series of “Raised Paintings.” It is good to see students directing their efforts to help those in need; simple things such has website improvements and special applications might not seem that important individually, but when you take them collectively, they pack a powerful and meaningful punch.

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