Google Allows Photographers To Create Their Own Street View Tours

Google Allows Photographers To Create Their Own Street View Tours

Submit your holiday photos for the world to see on Google Maps

Ross Brooks
  • 11 december 2013

Services like Google Maps‘s Street View have proven themselves invaluable time and time again, but not everyone sees the same thing when they visit a particular place. The company has acknowledged that and introduced a brand new feature that will allow you to create and share your own street views, with photographs taken from a mobile device or DSLR.


You can create, upload, and share 360 degree Photo Spheres of destinations that you’ve been to. There are already some amazing user-generated Photo Spheres that include an Iranian mosqueMachu Picchu under the midday sun, and a sunrise over Mount Everest. Once a Photo Sphere has been uploaded into Google Maps’ Views tool, other travelers can consult Google Maps to see that destination through various “viewpoints.”


According to Google, it’s a way for people to showcase the diversity of a specific location—”by times of day, weather conditions or cultural events”—in a way that Google Street View didn’t previously cover. Google hopes the new tool with enable people to better “share and witness the beauty and breadth of our planet.” Which as you can see from the photos, seems to be exactly what the new features has accomplished already.

Photo Spheres

Source: Conde Naste Traveler | Images: Google Maps


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