Travelers and commuters passing through Chicago's Union Station got a festive surprise in the form of a piano that interacted with them, controlled by a remote pianist.

To help brighten up busy commuters' mornings, Amtrak partnered with Michigan-based Rob Bliss Creative and brought a ‘magical' piano into the center of Chicago's Union Station. The piano reacted to the people around it and their interactions with it. Professional musician Andrew Blendermann was behind the scenes, playing the piano through a remote keyboard, so that it could react to the passers-by in real time. The entire stunt was filmed, catching the surprise and joy most people felt as they came across the seemingly possessed ivories. One Scrooge was caught on film reacting negatively, but the majority of the passers-by were delighted with the musical treat, and several viewers even played along with the instrument. See the footage below:

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