Pop Up Store Can Be Built From 477 Simple Pieces [Pics]

Pop Up Store Can Be Built From 477 Simple Pieces [Pics]
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Russian artist Lesha Galkin's plywood mini stores are a fresh take on a now commonplace concept.

Rachel Pincus
  • 3 december 2013

Holiday pop-up stores are opening all over New York in the cavernous empty spaces left by retail brands. This year it is wonderfully striking to see one that operates on the principles of vertical integration and self-sufficiency. 26-year-old Russian product designer and illustrator Lesha Galkin’s PYE – short for “pimp your eyes” – popup store is inspired by the “retro-futuristic dream of space traveling” and made out of 477 parts made of plywood that comprise both the interior and the exterior. Placed within a larger space, it creates a world unto itself.

The store is currently set up to sell sunglasses, but its movable, modular parts mean that it can be easily adjusted to display anything. The design is complex and integrates lots of display surfaces for merchandise or decorations like plants. It also features comfortable seating.


Each one of the 477 pieces is elegant in its own way, but the result is truly greater than the sum of the parts. Constructing the plywood shop also seems simple, with only two other people working on it in the largely time-lapse video below.

Check out more photos of the space in the gallery below.


Images: Lesha Galkin on Behance

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