PSFK’s Most Shared Stories Of 2013

PSFK’s Most Shared Stories Of 2013
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Here are our top 10 stories that got social media atwitter this year.

  • 29 december 2013

At the end of the day, we hope to inspire creative individuals, and sometimes inspiration can take on the form of a great conversation as well. Check out the articles that caught on with readers in a big way in 2013:

passfolio 1

Job Candidate Transforms Portfolio Into A Fake, Deliberately-Lost Passport [Video]

One young lady is strategically throwing her identity onto the streets of New York in the hope of securing her dream job. Miruna Macri created a stack of fake passports to catch the eye of some of the city’s top design agencies. She replaced the various lines of sensitive information on a passport with her resume and design portfolio, creating a not-so-generic business packet to sell herself.


Adult LEGO Kit Teaches Modern Architecture Principles

LEGO’s Architecture Studio  kit includes more than 1,200 all-white and transparent building blocks, with 73 different pieces. The set also comes with a 272-page guide book filled with architecture designs and tips, as well as information on building concepts such as scale, symmetry, mass, density and more.


Burger King Debuts Hands-Free Whopper Holder [Video]

Burger King in Puerto Rico celebrated its 50th anniversary by giving away an ingenious device – the “Hands Free Whopper.” The fast food shop sent the device to 50 of their most loyal customers,  enabling them to eat a delicious sandwich no matter where they may find themselves.

Instagram Camera Will Print Its Own Polaroids

Socialmatic created an instant digital camera that adds Instagram-like filters to images and which users can print out. When we first wrote about this real-life Instagram camera, it was still in the very early concept stage, but now it is a step closer to production with a planned launch in 2014.

Restaurant’s Facade Simulates Continuous Sunlight [Pics]

This simple optical illusion transforms a bland restaurant facade into a piece of modern street-art. This yellow tape “mural” paints an artificial light beam shining from above, illuminating this Spanish café day and night.

Personal Action Figure Grabs Attention Better Than A Business Card [Video]

In an attempt to get noticed by art directors and score some new work, Swedish photographer Jens Lennartsson created a mini action figure of himself, packaged in a box featuring his skills, abilities and past work.

Hairy Leg Stockings Repel Would-Be Attackers

While these tights may not be the most effective sexual assault prevention method, they definitely get points for being inventive.

Cute Kitten Candle Burns Down To Reveal The Devil Within [Pics]

Designer Thorunn Arnadottir created a candle that when lit, transforms from a sweet little kitten into a grinning metallic devil with sharp claws and fire blazing in its eyes. The Pyropet puts a whole new spin on an animal that is often only acknowledged for its cuteness.

Retro Pin-Up Photos Dress Models In Layers Of Milk [Pics]

Instead of vintage corsets or sweet-heart dresses, these pin-up models are wearing nothing but a layer of milk. Taking inspiration from the classic pinups of the ’40s and ’50s, the photographer had to layer hundreds of snapshots on top of each other to get the desired effect.

How One Artist Paints Using Only Her Eyes

Sarah Ezekiel is paralyzed from the neck down, yet the mother of two is able to communicate, use the Internet and paint with a unique technology that tracks her eye movements. Called the Tobii PCEye, it uses a USB-powered eye-tracking bar that plugs into PC computers to allow users to interact with their eyes instead of a mouse.

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