PSFK’s Gift Guide: Kickstarters To Invest In

PSFK’s Gift Guide: Kickstarters To Invest In
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Invest in the future by donating to a crowdfunded project as a gift this holiday season.

  • 25 december 2013

At PSFK, we’re especially excited to see inventions and innovations that we write about get put into production. Sometimes, however, an idea is perfectly doable but is so outside what producers might expect that it takes some community support to put the idea into action. Enter Kickstarter, our favorite platform for such intrepid projects. Many Kickstarter innovators offer special “early bird” deals on their products if you’re one of the first supporters, and even though you may have to take a rain check on the actual delivery of the product, by giving the gift of a Kickstarter item you can say you were an early adopter of a potentially great idea or a patron of an enterprising young innovator.


Our selections for the Kickstart Me category are as diverse as their inventors, ranging from clever recycling projects to vehicles for making one’s own art. Fireclay‘s tile-making process, for example, uses the gray-tinted glass from CRT TV and computer monitors, previously thought to be unrecyclable, and converts them into attractive and distinctive-looking coasters and kitchen tiles. And when you’re buying a MIJLO backpack, you’re potentially giving your recipient a backpack for life for not only is the bag itself quite durable but MIJLO will take back a worn-out bag, recycle it, and give you a discount on your next one.


Pixelstick, meanwhile, is just the beginning of your recipient’s creative adventures. An upgrade of light painting, it allows you to load complex, multiple-color images into the stick and wave it around for impromptu illusory creations. The app-controlled PowerUp 3.0 has all kinds of potential uses, but mostly it’s a great toy – a paper plane that never crashes thanks to its intelligent sensor.

Check out more of our favorite Kickstarter gifts here, and be sure to explore PSFK’s Gift Guide for more ideas.

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