PSFK’s Gift Guide: Top Wearable Tech

PSFK’s Gift Guide: Top Wearable Tech

These wearable gift ideas are the latest big idea in personal hardware, closing the gap between body and device.

  • 26 december 2013

Wearability has been a buzzword in the tech world for the past few years, but it’s really been this year that many of the technologies have matured – and become affordable to give as gifts. For so many people, and most likely for your gift recipients, tech is already such a huge part of everyday life that it’s difficult to imagine what they’d do without their device. So why not give them what they’ve been lusting after – something that solidifies that commitment, but looks great and is less likely to be dropped, broken or stolen? Our wearable tech gifts combine form and function in striking new ways.

pebble smartwatch

As smartphones have become increasingly important to the everyday lives of working creatives, they’ve also become a source of increasing anxiety as something that  needs to be protected. New wearable devices tether to smartphones so that they can stay in the pocket while the wrist or hands do the talking and texting. The Bluetooth-enabled Hi-Call gloves, for example, have a microphone in the little finger and a speaker in the thumb so that you can make calls using the “call me” gesture – all while keeping your hands toasty. The Pebble smartwatch also makes checking your texts as simple as a glance at your wrist.


For the savvy athlete, we also chose some items that are specially adapted to the skatepark and the slopes. Bult helmets offer an easy way for your recipient to record their own skate videos, and the Oakley Airwave snow goggles let the ski bunny record their height, distance and airtime on the slopes for some bragging rights back home.

These are just the first of many great gift ideas. Check out more of our favorite wearable gifts here, and be sure to explore PSFK’s Gift Guide for more ideas.

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