Redesigned Umbrella Is Completely Weather-Proof

Redesigned Umbrella Is Completely Weather-Proof
Design & Architecture

Inside-out UnBRELLA is perfect for crowded commutes.

Ross Brooks
  • 9 december 2013

Anyone who has been to Japan can tell you the dangers of a wet convenience store floor, especially when it’s raining. The danger is normally caused by water being dragged into the store by people’s umbrellas, which is why Hiroshi Kajimoto’s H Concept Studio has come up with the UnBRELLA, a design which has literally been turned inside out.


The design places the structure of the umbrella on the outside, which allows for more head room and eliminates the threat of getting your hair tangled up. It also means that when the UnBRELLA is folded closed, the wet surface is on the inside, and the umbrella can stand up on its own to dry without the need for an umbrella stand.


Apart from more localized puddles in stores, the design is also useful as a way to prevent getting other commuters wet when the trains are particularly busy. The UnBRELLA is currently available to pre-order for roughly $95, with an expected release date in mid-February.

H Concept Studio

Source: The Verge

Images: H Concept Studio


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