Shipping Container Spa Revives The Public Bathhouses Of Yore [Pics]

Shipping Container Spa Revives The Public Bathhouses Of Yore [Pics]
Design & Architecture

A pop-up bathhouse aims to offer wellness options and promote sustainability.

Serena Chu
  • 16 december 2013

In an attempt to bring back the public bathhouse, SOAK is an eco-spa to be constructed out of a set of shipping containers in San Francisco. At this spa, people can find time to relax, detox and find themselves on the other side of the wellness story.

bathhouse 2

This project is the brainchild of Nell Waters, who finds pleasure in the simpler things in life and is motivated to fight for a greener and healthier lifestyle. Shipping containers will serve as the perfect framework for this spa because they are “quick to retrofit, easy to move, and inexpensive to occupy,” said Waters. It is expected that the bathhouse will feature solar panels on top, a rainwater catchment and filtration system, and a graywater garden on the back patio.


With help from the San Francisco based design group Rebar, Waters promises to bring this sustainable project to life. SOAK can be found on Kickstarter and is looking for more supporters. If you are voting for a Hedonist lifestyle, then click here and make a pledge.


Source: TreeHugger, Kickstarter

Image: Kickstarter

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