Geometric Snow Crop Circles Created By Footprints [Pics]

Geometric Snow Crop Circles Created By Footprints [Pics]
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Artist Simon Beck creates temporary large-scale murals by walking through the snow, retracing and leaving behind tracks.

Emma Hutchings
  • 13 december 2013

Artist Simon Beck creates large-scale murals by setting out designs and then walking through the snow to leave behind his footprints. His works are beautiful, geometric patterns that only last until the next snowfall or big melt.

These Geometric Snow Crop Circles Are Created By Foot [Pics]

Most of these designs are created in the ski resort of Les Arcs, where Beck owns an apartment and spends most of the winter. On average they take around ten hours to produce, with the detailed patterns chosen from geometry or crop circles.

The setting out is done using a handheld orienteering compass and pace counting or a measuring tape is used for distance determination. Curves are either judged or arcs of circle using a clothes line attached to an anchor at the centre. Click through to see a selection of the artist’s creations:

Simon Beck

Sources:  My Modern Met

Images: Simon Beck

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