Solar Clothespins Add Pops Of Color Into The Night Sky [Pics]

Solar Clothespins Add Pops Of Color Into The Night Sky [Pics]

The Lightly clothespin collects energy during the day and lights up when the sun goes down.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 5 december 2013

Created by designers Idan Noyberg and Gal Bulka, the Lightly clothespin is fitted with a small solar panel on its clip, which collects solar energy during the day and then glows at night to light up the city streets in different colors.

Each clasp of the clothespin has a small solar panel attached to the top of its clip. The clothespin is fitted with an LED, a night sensor, and a battery pack. The sensor triggers the battery pack to supply energy to the LED, making it light up at night.


The LED lights not only make the household chore of hanging out clothes to dry fun and entertaining, but also shows people’s awareness of the environment. The vibrant lights at night create an interesting effect for the community as well.


Source, Images: Designboom

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