Stress-Monitoring Bra Puts A Stop To Emotional Overeating

Stress-Monitoring Bra Puts A Stop To Emotional Overeating
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Undergarments lined with sensors monitor daily moods and eating habits.

Serena Chu
  • 2 december 2013

Emotional eating is one of the biggest causes of obesity in America. As an attempt to reduce unhealthy eating habits, a team of engineers and designers at Microsoft Research developed a stress-busting bra that helps women monitor and regulate their food cravings.

The bras are padded with sensors that are powered by a 3.7-volt battery to record the wearer’s heart rate and respiration. When the data is compared to a woman’s mood, scientists could predict changes in physiology that accompanies eating and stress. The same technology was attached to men’s underwear; however, it showed no correlating results because the sensor was too far away from the heart.

A sensor bra might seem to be an effective way to monitor fluctuating moods, but when you factor in the fact that it needs to be charged every four hours or so, it becomes somewhat impractical. Maybe the team can find another part of the body to monitor that does not require as much work, but until then, this idea is will probably just stay “in development.”

Stress-Monitoring Bra

Source, Image: Discovery

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