Sleeping Mask Simulates The Sunrise For A Non-Groggy Awakening

Sleeping Mask Simulates The Sunrise For A Non-Groggy Awakening
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NapWell tracks your sleep cycle to figure out the best time to wake you up.

Ross Brooks
  • 18 december 2013

Waking up to the sun streaming in your windows is probably one of the best ways to go about an otherwise unpleasant task. It seems a Boston-based company called Napwell would agree, which is why they created a sleeping mask that coaxes you from your sleep at just the right time using a “sunrise” effect.

The inside of the mask is luminous and gradually lights up to emulate a sunrise, waking you up at your desired time naturally – instead of a harsh sound that often disrupts your sleep cycle. A simulated sunrise allows the brain to gradually wake up so when your alarm finally rings, you wake up feeling refreshed instead of groggy.


Napwell completely blocks out surrounding light with a high quality, ergonomic sleep mask design. Plus, it’s battery powered which means it doesn’t require an internet connection, recharging, or maintenance of any kind. One of the co-creators, Justin Lee spoke with TechCrunch and said “Our goal is to build products that help people lead efficient and productive lives.”

The team are currently seeking $30,000 in funding via their Kickstarter Campaign which has more than a month to go.



Source: TechCrunch 

Images: Napwell

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