Unexpected Brand/Product Mashups Demonstrate People’s Trust In Logos [Pics]

Unexpected Brand/Product Mashups Demonstrate People’s Trust In Logos [Pics]

Designer Ilya Kalimulin’s series of images imagines a world where brands like Durex and Lipton created unexpected brand spin-offs.

Daniela Walker
  • 3 december 2013

When Google started out in 1996, no one would have ever dreamed that the company would be making augmented reality glasses in 2013. Brands generally must go beyond their initial offering to create new products that continue to attract new consumers to them. Now, Russian designer Ilya Kalimulin has imagined unusual products that trusted brands could be making that would completely change the opinion people had of those companies.

He placed the trademark colors of M&Ms onto bullets and created a cigarette box with Lipton Tea branding. It is a bizarre and curious project and commentary on the pervasive, and recognizable nature of branding.

Click below to see more examples:

Ilya Kalimulin

Source, Images: Bored Panda


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