Swing Enables Thrill-Seekers To Fly Over The Clouds [Pics]

Swing Enables Thrill-Seekers To Fly Over The Clouds [Pics]
Design & Architecture

A specially designed swing for those in seek of danger and excitement.

Serena Chu
  • 4 december 2013

Overlooking the Tungurahua Volcano and the mountainscape of Ecuador, the “Swing At The End Of The World” is a joy ride not for the faint heart. This swing will shoot adrenaline junkies into the sky, giving them an aerial view of the breathtaking surroundings at an elevation of 2,660 meters.


Attached to the small tree house La Casa Del Arbol, the swing’s construction is nothing more than a wooden plank secured by a few nails. Without any protective harnesses, one can only imagine the heart-pumping experience when one’s body swings back and forth, while holding on for dear life.


This would be the perfect setting to whip out your Go Pro and capture a HD video as you swing above the clouds. Check out the video below, it vividly captures the whole experience. Ask yourself, are you game?


Source, Images: Design Boom

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