Safety Mode Disables Dangerous Texting And Walking

Safety Mode Disables Dangerous Texting And Walking

According to one Japanese phone provider, texting while walking is now also a crime.

Serena Chu
  • 6 december 2013

It’s established that texting while driving is a crime, but what about walking and texting? Apparently, Japanese cell phone provider DoCoMo believes in user safety in all cases of mobility. On that note, they recently introduced an Android feature that prevents people from using their phones while walking simultaneously.

When locked, the screen will display a warning message: “Using your smartphone while walking is dangerous. The phone senses you are walking. Please stop.” But as soon as the smartphone detects any pause in motion, it will automatically resume working mode.

While the idea is novel, there is no guarantee busy commuters will adopt this cautionary practice into their daily routine. For those who are willing to test out the feature, there is a manual disengage button that lets you turn off “safety mode” should there ever be an emergency and when cellular usage is necessary.

DoCoMo “Safety Mode”

Source, Image: CNET



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