PSFK 2013 Roundup: Staff Picks

PSFK 2013 Roundup: Staff Picks

Here are some of our personal team favorite ideas from 2013.

  • 28 december 2013

As the year draws to a close, PSFK is rounding up the most interesting, compelling, and popular posts of the past year.

Here are five stories that delighted and inspired our staff writers in 2013.


Ombré Dipped Clouds Contain Weather-Flavored Ice Cream 

Making sure to waste no time in preparation for the holiday season, Häagen-Dazs has just released its new Christmas dessert. The ‘clouds’ are a pair of cheerful, fluffy clouds filled with ice cream and biscuit, finished off with a sprinkling of snowy flakes. Dawn features a combination of the Marc de Champagne Truffle flavor with Belgian Chocolate, with swirls of Almond Macaroon biscuit for some extra crunch. If that doesn’t tide you over, Twilight’s orange goodness incorporates two of Haagen-Dazs’ iconic flavors: Dulce de Leche and Cookies and Cream.


Smirnoff Helps Paralysis Patients Write a Song With Their Minds [Video]

Vodka company Smirnoff teamed up with international artist and producer DJ Fresh, brainwave technology expert Julien Castet and disability charity Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation (QEF) for the Mindtunes project. Castet used an electroencephalography device to measure the electrical activity in the brain and then convert brainwaves and emotions into beats and sounds. Patient Mark provided the beats, Jo provided the synth, and Andy provided the noise FX. The track was then put together and produced by DJ Fresh.


The Future of Retail: One Small Step Towards One Giant Leap

At its core, Optimus Time™ is the idea that people and culture have an appetite for new things, but the new things need to be introduced when the consumer has been primed in some capacity — primed by the evolution of preceding iterations or by key occurrences in the world that relate somehow to the product or service you’re innovating upon. If people haven’t been primed, the result is a product whose epitaph reads, “Ahead of its time.”

Domino’s Tests Pizza Delivery Drone [Video]

Domino’s Tests Flying Pizza Drone [Video]

Domino’s ‘DomiCopter‘ is capable of delivering pizzas in the company’s heatwave bags over vast distances at high altitudes. The flying drone was developed by Domino’s Pizza, UK drone specialist AeroSight, Big Communications and creative agency T + Biscuits. The drone, which is still a prototype, is undergoing further testing at the company’s headquarters and may be rolled out in the future. A Domino’s Flight Academy is also rumored to be in the pipeline if the DomiCopter delivery service takes off.

Peek At The World’s First Transparent Smartphone [Video]

A Peek At The First Transparent Smartphone [Video]

Taiwan-based electronic and optical glass specialists Polytron Technologies are working on a transparent smartphone. Mobile Geeks traveled to take a look at the prototype device. It uses switchable glass, which contains liquid crystal molecules and an electric current to generate a smartphone display. There is no software running on the prototype, as its main goal is to showcase the hardware.

Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head Design Beer Glass For IPAs [Video]

Beer Brands Design Beer Glass Specifically For IPAs [Video]

As glass design can impact the taste of beer, German glassmaker Spiegelau partnered with Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada to produce a specific glass for IPAs. Their design features a thinner glass, which allows the liquid to stay cooler, a triple-ridged bottom that aerates it and traps the carbonation, and the tall, slender upper part concentrates the beer and pushes its aromas towards your nose.


Forensic Drawings Reveal Women’s Skewed View Of Their Appearance

Dove and the marketing firm Ogilvy have hired an FBI-trained forensics artist by the name of Gil Zamora to show just how skewed our perception is when it comes to our self-image. Gil has over 3,000 sketches to his name and demonstrates just how different we see ourselves when compared with a total stranger’s description.

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