V&A Creates Time Capsule Of The Most Newsworthy Pop Culture Items

V&A Creates Time Capsule Of The Most Newsworthy Pop Culture Items

"Rapid-response" curation adds items as soon as they're newsworthy.

Ross Brooks
  • 19 december 2013

The architecture and design department at the V&A Museum in London has taken on a new approach to curation that mimics the speed at which global events influence society and popular culture. Instead of careful consideration, the museum now uses a “rapid response” strategy that involves collecting objects as soon as they become newsworthy – which has so far included a 3D-printed gun and some Katy Perry Lashes.


This approach in in stark contrast to the traditional method that requires collected objects to have already earned their place in design history over time through their inclusion in books and exhibitions. “We felt that the world works a little bit differently these days,” senior curator of contemporary architecture, design and digital Kieran Long told Dezeen. “There are global events that take place and have a bearing on the world of design and manufacturing, which give certain objects a certain relevance at that moment.”


The “rapid-response” strategy is being showcased for the first time as part of an exhibition called Shenzhen and Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture, in which Shenzhen citizens were invited to choose an everyday object that could tell a visitor something important about present-day Shenzhen. One of the objects on show is a bra without underwire, which highlights female factory workers desire to avoid being stopped by metal detectors at security checks on their way in and out of the factory each day.

“These objects together tell a story about that city in this moment and offer a broader, more wide-ranging portrait of one of the most interesting, fast-changing cities in the world today,” said Long’s colleague, Corinna Gardner.

V&A Museum

Source, images: Dezeen



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