Purposely Boring Game Questions The Importance Of “Going Viral”

Purposely Boring Game Questions The Importance Of “Going Viral”
Design & Architecture

A new game that could be more fun than "Call of Duty."

Serena Chu
  • 9 december 2013

If queuing in lines in real life is not stressful enough, the new internet game Waiting In Line 3D will stretch the limits of your patience even more. Without guessing, you can pretty much figure out what the game is all about. Players wait in line, and must virtually punch themselves in the face in order to stay awake. But players need to be careful to not punch their characters to death. As pointless as the game may seem, the trick is to prolong the wait-time energy levels for as long as possible.

The game’s designer Rajeev Basu wanted to defy the norm of creating a game that is invigorating and interesting. Basu wanted to make use of the “anti-viral” idea as he believes some things can be so boring that they’re actually interesting. It’s not everyday you see a young designer who is aiming to create something other than the next big thing. If you are ever bored of guns, soldiers and gory killing scenes, know that there is another option available now. Waiting in line can be fun right?

See how long you can survive here.

Waiting In Line 3D

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