Japanese Artist Crafts Furniture That Looks Like Sketches

Japanese Artist Crafts Furniture That Looks Like Sketches
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This mind-bending furniture looks like it came straight out of someone's napkin or sketchbook.

Rachel Pincus
  • 4 december 2013

What are these kids doing inside this drawing? A look from another angle reveals that something unusual is going on.


It’s not the kids who’ve been flattened to 2D photographs of themselves, it’s the chairs that have been realized as three-dimensional models. These fully functional pieces of furniture, a 2013 thesis project called “Rough Sketch Products” realized by Tokyo University of the Arts student Daigo Fukawa, look like they leapt straight from a napkin – or even someone’s mind – into the three-dimensional world. Though we can’t say how comfortable the seats are (they appear to be made out of wire), the effect is both visually stunning and humorous.


It takes very literally the sometimes authoritarian commands of a chicken-scratching designer to his or her more technically skilled underlings. In this way, Fukawa might have been lampooning the hierarchical creative process. Conversely, he might have just wanted to rethink furniture – as the product of someone’s mind and drawing rather than an amalgamation of mass-produced materials. Either way, it looks like he has a bright future ahead of him.


Images: Spoon-Tamago, macoto1978 on

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