Wooden Block Brews Coffee Better Than A Machine [Pics]

Wooden Block Brews Coffee Better Than A Machine [Pics]
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Eco-friendly filter wastes less paper and "remembers" each cup you make.

Ross Brooks
  • 6 december 2013

Canadiano is a coffee connoisseurs ultimate fantasy – a pour-over coffee maker carved out of Cherry, Walnut and Maple wood that absorbs the flavors of various beans after each brew. Overtime the coffee oils of your specific beans and roast will be absorbed into the wood and be a part of your morning coffee experience. Each type of wood has even been matched with different beans and roasts from around the world to maximize their flavor.

The Walnut edition is crafted and designed for use with darker roasts and earthier flavors such as beans from South East Asia, while Maple and Cherry are designed for beans with citrusy and nuttier tastes. Like a paper filter, you place the Canadiano on your cup, add two spoons of coffee and pour hot water into the wooden bowl. 2-4 minutes later your coffee is ready.


The metal filter was also designed to reduce waste and lower our environmental impact by not ripping through single-use paper filters.


Source: DesignBoom

Images: Canadiano


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