24-Foot Long Panorama Condenses WWI Into One Page [Pics]

24-Foot Long Panorama Condenses WWI Into One Page [Pics]
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Joe Sacco's "The Great War" brings the realities of war to light through illustration.

Ross Brooks
  • 11 december 2013

Joe Sacco started out as a journalist, but after he grew frustrated with the detached nature of reporting, decided to turn to comics and illustration as a more involved way of telling a story. The Maltese-American illustrator is now known for his signature style of first-person war reporting in comic book form. In a departure from the norm, his latest work is more of a historical piece, which depicts one of the bloodiest battles of the First World War.

The 24 foot long panorama illustrates the first day on the Battle of the Somme, which features painstaking attention to detail and spares none of the brutality that defines war. “What I try to do with my images is just give the reader a real feel for a place,” said Sacco when talking with NPR. “It’s very visceral. You open the page, and you are right there in the moment.”


It’s called “The Great War,” and while it can’t capture the full horrors of what happened on that day, it is a stunning piece of work that brings to life many things that can be hard to imagine in the first place. Make sure to take a look at some of the scenes from the panorama in the gallery below.

The Great War

Source: NPR, itsnicethat

Images: The Great War

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