Children’s Book Comes To Life Via 3D-Printed Characters

Children’s Book Comes To Life Via 3D-Printed Characters

Leo The Maker Prince lets readers 3D-print objects and characters on their home 3D printers.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 2 january 2014

Created by technology-focused product designer Carla Diana, children’s book LEO The Maker Prince teaches readers about 3D-printing through the story of a young woman named Carla and a walking and talking 3D-printing robot named LEO.

The story is about Carla who always wanted to be an artist but ended up as an accountant. Then she met LEO, the Maker Prince. LEO can print any object that Carla draws. Through LEO and the robot’s 3D-printing capabilities, Carla finally became the artist she always wanted to be.


The story is fun and inspiring, but it is also the 3D-printable factor of the elements in the story that makes the book unique. The objects created in the book can be downloaded from Thingiverse and can be created at home with a 3D printer or ordered through a 3D-printing service.

Some of the objects that can be 3D-printed by readers include avatars of the main characters Carla and LEO, toy musical instruments, a planter handle, beach sandals, a modular hamster house, and more. The 3D-printable objects were carefully designed to show what 3D-printing technology can do. The items were also designed to be easy to create.

The book is designed to teach people about the wonders of 3D printing and to inspire children to learn about new technologies and skills.

LEO The Maker Prince

Source: Wired

Images: LEO The Maker Prince

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