3D Printed Flowers Bloom When Inflated [Video]

3D Printed Flowers Bloom When Inflated [Video]

“Blossom” investigates how we can create an organic, “living” form out of the digital process of 3D printing.

Daniela Walker
  • 28 january 2014

Blossom is a multi-material, inflatable, 3D-printed flower that “blooms” when air is pumped into its bottom component. Designer Richard Clarkson at Victoria University of Wellington’s School of Design, wanted to explore what can be done with 3D printing when you combine different materials.

Clarkson combined a soft flexible material and hard resin-like substance to create 3D flowers that can be inflated simply through pneumatics. Says the designer:

Blossom explores the blending of two materials with varying physical properties transitioning from flexible to rigid. The variation offers an opportunity to generate complex forms and dynamic structures that are impossible to make by any other means.

Using different amounts of the materials creates variations of a flower that are flexible and can ‘blossom’ when inflated with air. The project shows how 3D printing – a digital, manmade process – can produce seemingly organic and fluid objects.

In the video below, Clarkson explains how he created the flowers:

Richard Clarkson

Source: Gizmodo

Images/Video: Seamless Blossom Tumblr

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