3D-Printed Stationery Series Invites Users To Redesign It

3D-Printed Stationery Series Invites Users To Redesign It
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Members of a creative agency fuse the simple and the complex in a 3D printed series available for download and modification.

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 17 january 2014

With the development of 3D printing, multiple enterprises have attempted to integrate the new technology into their creations. Some cooks have made 3D printed meals, a few engineers have made 3D printed robots, now we have 3D printed home decor.

Created by Barbara Busatta and Dario Buzzini of the New York based creative agency ICOSAEDRO, the Machine Series is a collection of 3D printed stationary cups. The designs are available for download and can be modified and adapted in it’s colors, designs and materials. This re-intrepreation process isn’t only allowed, it’s encouraged as part of the collection’s overall theme.


According to the Machine Series’s website, the inspiration for the pieces was based on the idea of simplicity out of complexity and creating something that exists between the realms of industry and art.

All of the pieces in the collection can be purchased as already produced works online.

Machine Series

Source: designboom

Images: Alberto PariseICOSAEDRO

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