Street Artists Transform Abandoned Building Into Impromptu Gallery For One Night [Pics]

Street Artists Transform Abandoned Building Into Impromptu Gallery For One Night [Pics]
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A band of street artists raided a vacant East Village building to put on a one-night art show.

Jaymar Cabebe
  • 15 january 2014

While much of New York City was hunkering down in the midst of the Polar Vortex, street artist Hanksy took to an abandoned building in the East Village last week to prep for a special one-night show.

Dubbed “Surplus Candy,” this unauthorized event was a continuation of another Hanksy-held art show in the same building in late December. This time, however, Hanksy invited about three dozen other artists to grace the space with even more amazing art work.

The walls, staircases, toilets, sinks, and pretty much every other surface inside the building were beautified by popular names in the street-art scene like Glif, Foxx Face, Juicy, Icy and Sot, Wizardskull, and more.

Hanksy - Surplus Candy

Considering the band of artists had a mere six days to prepare the building, it’s impressive how detailed their pieces appeared to be. In some cases entire rooms became scenes of painted, off-kilter characters, while in others, three dimensional works brought scenes to life. And of course, Hanksy’s puns were scattered throughout the space, adding his signature sense of humor to the exhibition.

Surplus Candy was a one-night, invitation-only event. While the art work is still reportedly inside the building, the doors are now locked to the public.

Sources: Vandalog, Gizmodo, Gothamist
Images: Vandalog, Gothamist

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